Best Exercises for Building Biceps

The biceps are one of the most noticed parts of the human body

Many people, especially men, want to focus on their biceps when they start working out because they are highly noticed. Developing the arms is not that different than toning other muscles in the body.

Building more size a combination of several factors. They include progressive overload to stimulate growth, working to the point of failure on your last one or two repetitions, working on the eccentric lengthening of the muscle, and periodically changing the movements to challenge you and provide variety, according to Deb Preachuk, Foundation Training Certified Instructor and Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist.[slideshow:87111]

“Nutrition is key,” she adds. You have to increase protein and quality macronutrients and decrease processed foods and sugar. “You can’t out-train your diet” is true when it comes to building biceps as well. You also need adequate rest and recovery primarily through sleep.

Preachuk also says that it’s important to be aware of body position, quality of the movement and technique when performing the desired movements. “Proper form and technique, controlled movement without arching the back, or swinging the arms for momentum, hand position and elbow position, can make or break the efficiency of [the exercises],” she adds.

Many exercises involve the biceps, but that doesn’t make them highly effective. Rowing is more of a back muscles focused exercise, but it engages the forearms as well. “I wouldn't select [it] as a primary exercise for building the size of the biceps,” Preachuk says. Focus on moves that require shortening and lengthening the distance of the elbow to the wrist, therefore recruiting the elbow flexors – biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis.

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