The 7-Minute Total-Body HIIT Workout


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You know those days when your to-do list keeps getting longer—and your plans to hit the gym fly right out the window? We've all been there. If a 30-minute workout seems impossible, we have the perfect solution.

In just seven minutes, you can complete a total-body, high-intensity interval workout that targets all of your major muscle groups. (Yep, that’s less time than it takes to get a latte at Starbucks.) The only catch: Since it's so short, you have to work for it. In the video below, Grokker trainers Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gorden perform 13 multipurpose moves that will burn calories, build strength, and leave you breathless. You'll go from zero to 60 stat, so don't forget to warm up before pressing play (and stretch when you're done!).

To recap, perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting 10 seconds between moves.

1. Cardio Cossack
2. Spider Push-Up and Tick Tock
3. Reverse Lunge, Leg Extension, Curtsy
4. Diagonal Burpee
5. Tuck Crunch and Rolling Leg Lift
6. Torpedo Row
7. Long Jump and Run Back
8. Tricep Hip Lift to Shoulder Tap 
9. Diagonal Squat and Rocket Jump
10. Half Turkish Get-Up
11. Kneel and Tuck Jump
12. Skydive, Push-Up, T-Pose
13. Mountain Climbers

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