6 Full Body Moves You Need To Be Doing


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We are all busy people. Working out for over an hour is just not in the books for busy people. We’ve got things to do. If you are a busy person but still want to see huge gains and a flat stomach, you need to be implementing more full body movements into your regimen.

Why full body moves? 3 simple reasons: Time under tension, efficiency, variation.

Time Under Tension

AKA TUT is huge for seeing significant muscle gains. I’m basically talking about how long your muscle is forced to contract and hold a weight. The longer your muscles are forced to work, the more and more micro tears are happening inside your muscle fibers.

Why is that good? Well the more we accumulate those micro tears the more rebuilding there is that has to happen. Time yourself during a typical set of 10 reps. You will find that the average time you will spend will be 15-25 seconds.  We are going to step it up a notch and go for 40 seconds with each of these exercises.


I don’t get impressed by people who tell me that they work out for an hour and half to two hours every day. I get confused. What are you doing for that long in the gym? I have not had a workout in the weight room last more than an hour in literally 10 years. Even during my college wrestling days we always were in and out within 45 minutes. We still got everything done.

Full body movements allow you to target a lot of muscle groups all at once. This cuts down on your time in the gym AND elicits hormone responses that build muscle and burn fat fast!


Getting bored with your exercises is a for sure way to hit plateaus with your gains. Boredom is never good and these full body moves prevent that to a T. When you hit full body moves you need a lot of focus with the different moving parts going on. These full body moves are fresh, and the variation of style will shock your muscle fibers and give your brain a new stimulus preventing boredom. Win-Win!

Grab 2 Dumbbells, that’s all you need for these sick moves.

So here we go:

1. RFE Squat to Hinge

How to do it:

Get a bench, box or anything comfy enough to rest your back foot on. Place one foot behind you raised on the bench and stand with a DB in each hand. Slowly lower your knee to a light touch on the ground keeping your chest up. At the top, perform an RDL hinging at your hips maintaining your posture

What it works:

Glutes, quads, core, hip flexors, calves, posture. This move is glute builder! If you thought lunges made you sore wait until you try these out!

2. DB Lateral Lunge to OH Reach

How to do it:

Stand with 1 DB in each hand and perform a lateral lunge (toes pointing forward). At the bottom of the lateral lunge stay down and raise both hands over your head. Bring your hands back down staying in that low position. Drive your foot back and stand up

What it works:

Gluteus medius, shoulders, abs, inner groin, hip & ankle mobility. I love this one for the sake of flexibility and lateral hip drive. Do these 2-3x/week and watch your hips become stronger and more flexible.

3. ManMakers

How to do it:

Start standing with 2 DB’s. Go right to the floor and hit a push up holding 1 DB in each hand. At the top of the push up row each arm individually (don’t move your hips!) Bring your feet under you and stand up. Perform a bicep curl and then press your hands over your head. Bring the bells back down to your shoulders. Perform a forward lunge on each leg. Repeat.

What it works:

Every damn muscle fiber you have! Pretty self-explanatory why I love this move. There is a lot of time under tension and you literally are hitting every muscle fiber you have with one sequence of movement.

4. Gladiators

How to do it:

(Think Turkish get up to start). Start lying flat on the ground with 1 arm holding a DB pointed straight at the ceiling. Slide your opposite elbow under you. Push up to your hand (keeping your other arm pointed straight at ceiling). Elevate your hips off the ground. Bring your feet together and go into the side plank pose on your hand. Raise the top leg up then bring it back down. Go back to the beginning position

What it works:

Shoulder stability, core strength and mobility, obliques. I love this one for body control. You really have to focus during this and your shoulder joint is under constant tension. Great move for athletes!

5.  Split Squat to Shoulder Raise

How to do it:

Start in a split squat stance with one DB in each hand. Slowly lower your knee down keeping your chest up. Simultaneously bring your arms down to your sides. Pop back up and extend both legs and both arms. Come back down and repeat

What it works:

Glutes, quads, shoulders, core. I like this because you have to transfer strength from the ground up. If you core is relaxed you are not going to be able to get those bells up. Stay strong and keep your core tight then you got it!

6.  Valslide Weighted Crawl

How to do it:

Get 2 Valsides or anything that will move smoothly over a surface (ie: towels on a gym floor). Put them on your feet and get two DB’s. Keeping your core straight from head to toe start crawling with just your arms (keep them straight!) Go for 20-30 yards. Anything that keeps the time frame around 40 seconds

What it works:

Core & Shoulders. This move is brutal on your abs and shoulders. Just maintaining that position alone is tough to do but when you the weight it just crushes your muscle fibers

Simple and super effective full body exercises that you need to be doing. Go through exercises 1-6 for 40 seconds at each exercise. Try to get in 3 rounds and you will be in and out of the gym in under 30 minutes. Remember you are aiming for TUT, efficiency and variation.

Chase It!

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