50 Squats a Day Will Help Keep the Doctor Away

Here’s why one doctor recommends this exercise to all of his patients

You’ve certainly heard that old adage about the apple—supposedly one a day will keep the doctor away—but what if that also applied to a certain type of exercise? According to Dr. Christopher Stepien, it does. The sports therapist and chronic pain expert said performing 50 squats each day will help your health and wellbeing.

“50 squats a day will keep the doctor away—seriously,” he said. “Daily squats will help you mentally and will even give you better yearly check-ups with your primary physician.”

Of course exercise in general brings big positive benefits for your health, but Stepien said if you only do one exercise each day, make it the squat. He shared five reasons he recommends this exercise to all his patients.

Squats Prevent Injuries
most injuries are caused by weak muscles and soft tissue (ligaments and connective tissues). Squats improve flexibility and balance which simultaneously strengthens your ankles and hips.

They Make Daily Life Chores Easier
Squats are considered a functional exercise, which means they enable your body to perform real-life activities easier. Our bodies were designed to be hunter-gatherers. Squats strengthen your body, making it more efficient in today’s world.

Promotes Regularity
In order for your body to function properly, internal organs need to perform at their best. Squats help your colon by improving your body’s fluid and nutrition distribution to all your tissues, organs and glands.

Maintain Mobility
As you get older, your body relies on your leg and core strength to keep you going. Every squat works out your core to promote balance and improves communication between your brain and your muscle groups. This helps to prevent falls.

Multi-Body Workout
There are few exercises that work the entire body like squats do. Squats strengthen your upper and lower body.  

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