The 30-Minute Full Body Workout To Flatten Your Stomach

Do these half an hour exercises for a flat belly

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Time to hit every muscle fiber your body has and light up your metabolism with this full body workout.

This fast paced, explosive full body workout that are sure to get you ripped and in shape fast!

This Circuit is a “stack” style circuit meaning that you will work the same body part for 2 exercises straight.

Warm Up 

World’s Best Stretch X 5 ea.

OH Squat X10 ea.

Scorpions X10 ea.

Inchworm to push up X10

Run through this circuit from A1-A6 straight through with no rest, then take 1:00 of rest in between rounds.

Hit 4 Rounds and your muscles will be screaming for help! (that’s a good thing)

10 Reps for everything, full body workout ready to rock and roll.

Here we go:

A1: 2 KB Squat + Turn

A2: 2 DB RDL

A3: Bench

A4: 1 Arm Med Ball Push Ups

A5: Pull Ups

A6: Bent Over Row

Rest 1 minute in between rounds, Go for 4 Rounds

There ya go! Set it up ahead of time and knock out this full body workout in 30 minutes or less.

Chase It!

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