3 Moves For More Toned Arms



Everybody wants to have those toned, ripped and big arms. Without a doubt these 3 moves will give you toned arms.

Don’t BS me. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about those arms where you feel awesome in a tank top or the arms where you love the opportunity to point somebody in a direction because it gives you an excuse to show off the guns.

Whether you are looking for more toned arms or maybe you want to add some muscle to the biceps these 3 moves for more toned arms is exactly what you’re looking for. I got a few of these from my main man John Papp. He has been writing my programs for a while now and these 3 moves have been roasting my arms!

So without further ado here they are:

DB Incline Triple Set

Dumbbell Incline I’s    X10 Reps

Dumbell Incline T’s     X10 Reps

Dumbell Divers           X10 Reps

Set up a bench on an incline and grab 2 lighter dumbbells. I used 15’s.

Go 10 Reps for I’s and Y’s. Keep your arms straight and chest glued to the pad.

Then hit the divers. Keep your chest on the pad and raise your arms overhead while maintaining an external rotation with the arms. Those ones suck bad.

Band Triple Threats 

Face Pull

External Rotation

Shoulder Press

Bam Bam & Bam! Do all 3 movements.. That is one rep.

Go for 10 Reps

Alpha Press 

Get a barbell and grab it with two hands like your holding a javelin. Press both arms overhead and take the bar to your opposite shoulder. That’s one rep. Do 10

Shoulder Burn Circuit 

10 Reps for all movements

1 minute rest in between round

6 Rounds!!!!!

So there you have it. 3 moves for more toned arms.

Plug this into your routine this week and watch your shoulders turn into boulders.

Chase It!

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