The 25-Minute Home Workout to Flatten Your Stomach



Lace up your shoes, crank up your favorite workout jams and lock-it-in with this 25 minute home bodyweight workout.

You will burn fat, build muscle and seriously sculpt your abs right from home with this quick and intense home workout. The setup is simple and each exercise works your body from head to toe leaving you with a puddle of sweat and some unreal endorphins.

Sound good to you?

Hell yeah. Here we go:

The Format 

You will stay at each station for 5 minutes

At each station you will rotate through 3 different exercises and perform the prescribed amount of reps per exercise.

Each station is done in AMRAP fashion meaning that you will get as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes.

Rest for 2 minutes in between stations then move onto the next station.

Station 1:

Weighted Burpees X 10

20 Yard Bear Crawls X D&B (down and back)

Around The World Mt. Climber X 10

Rest 1 Minute, 30 seconds 

Station 2: 

Jump Rope X 50

20 Yard Sprints X 5

In Place High Knees X50 ea.

Rest 1 Minute, 30 seconds 

Station 3: 

Speed Crossovers X 20 ea. leg

Jump Squats X 20

Knee Tucks X20

Rest 1 Minute, 30 seconds 

Station 4: 

SL Hip  Lift X 10 ea.

Plank Around The Worlds X 5ea.

Plank Jacks X 20  

Bam! With the rest time and 5 minutes per station you can knock this home bodyweight workout in just 25 minutes. Now go get on with your day.

Chase It!

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