25 Dumbbell Exercises That You Are Not Doing



Think dumbbells are boring? Not anymore with these 25 new dumbbell exercises!

Sure the old exercises can become mundane and you can get bored doing the same thing over and over. That’s where I come in.

Add in these 25 fat burning dumbbell exercises and watch your body transform in the mirror.

If you are up for a serious challenge you can try this as a workout.

Do 25 reps for all 25 exercises and time yourself.

I used 25 pounds for my workout but you should be using a weight where you can do all of the reps with proper form.

Here we go!

** For exercises that are unilateral (both sides) just do 12 each side. It’s not 25 but who cares..

First: Run 1 Mile!

1. Deep Counterweight Squats

2. Renegade Row w/turn

3. Undulating Shoulder Press

4. Farmer Curls

5. Split Squat w/Shoulder Raise

6. Gorilla High Pulls

7. Javelin Toss

8. Plank Bicep Curl

9. Feet Switching Push Ups

10. Lateral Gorilla Hops

11. Plank Transfer

12. Wrestling Stance Seesaw Row

13. Arnold Press

14. SL 2 Arm Bent Over Row

15. Wrestling Stance Pummels

16. Bear Crawl Steps Forward

17. Hips Elevated Straight Arm Pullover

18. Bear Crawl Steps Backward

19. Windmills

20. Uppercuts

21. 2 DB RDL

22. OH High Knees

23. Froggers

24. Thrusters

25. Straight Arm Flutter Kicks

Can you do 25 reps for all 25 exercises? I bet not…Prove me wrong and post it using the hashtag #boudrochallenge

Chase It!

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