16 Ineffective Exercises You Should Never Do

Just because an exercise is popular doesn't mean it's beneficial

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Many people have difficulties understanding how certain exercises can be useless. After all, many personal trainers and other health professionals always say that any movement is better than none at all.

“But there is, very much so, such a thing as a worthless exercises and people should never do,” Bill Ross, NASM Certified Master Trainer, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Bill Ross Fit, says. Certain movements, some of which are quite popular and you see people at the gym do them all the time, actually cause pain and injuries.[slideshow:83138]

Pain, discomfort and improper form are good indications that an exercise might be “worthless” for someone, according to Joshua Holland, certified personal trainer and London 2012 Accredited Olympic Trainer. “Of course, there are many ways to ensure these things don't happen. It's always a good idea to check your form and stop an exercise if it is painful.”

Holland says that the most common mistakes people make are rushing through an exercise, doing far too many reps, not completing full range of motion, and not focusing on form or the muscles that are being worked on. All of these can make perfectly good drills useless, he adds.

Ross says he sees this every single day. “People just don’t want to listen,” he adds. “I try to give advice; they know me, but they saw something an YouTube and think it’s right.”

The result is sports injuries, which are not only physically unpleasant, but they also cause laziness and can lead to depression, according to several studies. And most fitness ailments can often be easily avoided if you know what not to do.

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