12-Minute Pre-Cookout Summer Workout With No Weights



Summer is a great time in Michigan, and everywhere. It’s a happy time for sun, fun, BBQ’s and tons of unhealthy food basically thrown in your face.

The Summer Shandys, potato salads, Doritos, dips.. etc. All of these foods are in front of you almost every weekend. Sounds familiar right now to you?

It’s pretty American to have these nasty foods at BBQ’s. You can’t avoid them but you can combat them with this short and sweet 15-minute summer bodyweight workout.

This is the perfect routine to do - no weights required - right before you head out the door. All you need is 12 minutes and some big time DRIVE! Blast your favorite music, get the wife and kids to join you, and knock this out.

In just 12 minutes you will set your metabolism on fire for the day, burn fat and build big time muscle.

The Workout 

6 Stations

20 seconds per station

NO REST in between stations

4 rounds total

Rest for only 1:00 in between rounds

Good to go?

The Stations 

Rolling Side Plank

5 High Knees to Lateral Burpee

Plank Ups

5 High Knees to Jump Squat

Push Ups

Bear Crawl Back & Forth (5 steps each way)

So before you head out to the barbecue give this summer bodyweight workout a shot. I guarantee you will be more disciplined when choosing what to eat at the cookout. You will be more energized and you will feel like a bad ass.

Stay tuned for my next blog as I show you exactly how to prepare a healthy barbecue for your friends and family.

Chase It!

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