The 12-Minute Bodyweight Abs Workout

A quick but effective ab workout you can do anywhere

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There are plenty of reasons to strengthen your stomach, besides looking good on the beach (though that’s not a bad bonus). A strong core, which includes the abs, lower back, obliques, and psoas muscles, helps stabilize your entire body, protects your internal organs, and makes everyday movements, like carrying and picking up packages, feel much easier.

This 12-minute bodyweight workout led by Sarah Kusch, a certified trainer and Grokker expert, works your entire body, specifically targeting the core muscles. But don’t let the short timeframe fool you: This is non-stop, stomach-sculpting action. The yoga-inspired warm-up alone got our heart pumping and muscles burning, and then a series of planks and reverse crunches left our abs feeling much stronger (and sore) when we finished. Click play below and get ready to feel the burn yourself!

To recap, perform two sets of the following moves:

Back Extensions
Bicycle Kicks
Reverse Crunches

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