10 Moves Trainers Think You Should Skip and What to Do Instead

The cold truth is that certain exercises hinder your progress


December is around the corner which means that thousands of people are thinking of which gym to join to get in shape. The problem comes when they stick to the same exercises, an inevitable and common mistake. It gets worse when these moves turn out to have no benefits and only increase the risk of injury.[slideshow:93306]

Lifting weights and getting your heart rate up on a treadmill does not automatically mean you’re getting a great workout. It’s better than sitting on the couch for hours, but don’t be surprised if you’re not closer to your goal – regardless of whether it’s realistic such as losing 5 pounds in a month or implausible such as spot reducing.

Many people have difficulties understanding how certain exercises can be useless. Pain, discomfort and improper form are good indications that an exercise might be “worthless” for someone. The most common mistakes people make are rushing through an exercise, doing far too many reps, not completing full range of motion, and not focusing on form or the muscles that are being worked on. All of these can make perfectly good drills ineffective.

It’s frustrating to do  so much hard work and not see results. The problem could be in the machine you’re on, your technique, or routine.

The sad truth is that certain workouts actually hinder your progress and hold you back. So what do you do? Several trainers share their expert opinions.

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