Surprising Things That Make You Stink from Surprising Things That Make You Stink

Surprising Things That Make You Stink

At some point or another many of us have felt self-conscious about the way we smell. Unexpected things, such as the amount of carbs you eat to the medication you are taking, are all contributing factors to your body odor.

Have you ever noticed that you can actually smell when someone is getting sick? The overactive immune system of a sick person actually gives off a unique odor when they are fighting infection (Ways to Boost Your Immune System Against Cold and Flu).

Unfortunately, sometimes deodorant just isn’t enough. Experts say that to eliminate body odor, one should stick to a diet rich in vegetables, take chlorophyll supplements,  wear loose-fitting clothing,  bathe regularly,  always wear socks with closed-toe shoes, and think only pleasant, floral thoughts (Jezebel).

It’s important to pay attention to what you eat (26 Foods with Superpowers), properly wash yourself, clean your clothes thoroughly, brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash.

Spicy Foods


Spicy foods carry a strong aroma; the smell lingers in your pores and can be carried with you for a few days at a time. Not only do they cause body odor, but they will make your breath stink! Now, you decide… is that curry really worth it?

You forget to brush your tongue


Please, brush your teeth and do not forget to brush your tongue. Tongue plaque is likely to form and gum disease may be common. Periodontitis is formed by plaque buildup due to gum disease. This can result in tooth loss and very bad breath. 

*For fresh breath at all times purchase the Moondani Naturals breath mist. It is made of natural ingredients and is a specially formulated blend of natural breath fresheners like fennel, cardamom and ginger.




Fish is full of health benefits but the truth is that it can really make you stink! Most fish contain the b-complex vitamin choline. It delivers a very fishy smell and can be held in your sweat for about 24 hours after eating fish. You may encounter Trimethylaminuria, also known as “fish odor syndrome.” The good news is that you can treat the smell with antibiotics and dietary changes (



Calm Clinic explains that “the way that you experience anxiety changes the way your body handles odors and bacteria, which ultimately affects the way your body smells.” Anxiety has the potential to cause excessive sweating (Why Do I Sweat More Than Everyone Else?!) which ultimately leads to extreme body odor. Also, stress and anxiety have a tendency to cause increased adrenaline, tensed muscles and rapid heartbeat. “Research shows that this sweat caused by stress can make you smell worse than a workout at the gym.”



Blame allicin, the ingredient responsible for the strong odor given off by garlic. Try not to put yourself in an environment that may cause you to sweat, as the garlic smell will come right out of your skins pores. How to decrease the prolonged smell? Completely avoid garlic all together.

Only using deodorant


Deodorant is only a temporary fix, it does not stop your body from producing sweat. Tip: Choose an antiperspirant and apply it both in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

Red Meat


Yes, red meat has the potential to cause you unpleasant body odor. It is common to experience smelly breath, perspiration and bowel movements.


You don’t shave your armpit hair


For those of you who choose the all-natural approach, this could be the reason why you release excessive body odor. According to Health, underarm hair can trap moisture, creating a swampy environment that odor-causing bacteria revel in.



Diabetic ketoacidosis is a common condition among those who have untreated diabetes. Ketones begin to build up in the body due to their lack of insulin. This could cause a change in body odor.

Prescription medication


Certain prescriptions have a tendency to cause dry mouth, which ultimately leads to bad breath. Some of these include medications to treat high blood pressure, depression and even allergies.  According to Prevention, “they may block the action of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that tells nerves to switch on the salivary glands.”



We can immediately tell if someone has been drinking. How? The smell reaps off of their breath and leaks right out of their pores. According to, “the alcohol smell on the breath usually comes directly from the stomach.” This explains why after you drink a pint of beer, you belch and release a powerful stench in the air. Tip: Drink plenty of water to avoid the smell of alcohol from leaking through your skins pores.



Asparagus contains mercaptan, a sulfur compound that is known to break down in your digestive system, into smelly chemical components. This is why after eating asparagus, you may use the bathroom and realize that your urine stinks. According to Medical Daily, “a 2010 study published in the journal Chemical Senses did find some study participants failed to develop asparagus pee because they lacked to gene for the digestive enzyme that breaks down the vegetable into its smelly components.”

You’re sick


Believe it or not but being sick can actually change the way you smell. According to Business Insider, “a new study suggests that sickness does actually have a unique odor — that of the overactive immune system. And other humans can actually smell when someone is fighting off an infection. “ (The Top 20 Secrets From People Who Never Get Sick)

You wear the same bra for a week


Wearing the same undergarments for too long can cause serious body odor. Sweat and bacteria form across the back, and between your chest. Ladies, I know it’s annoying to wash your bra everyday but you should definitely consider purchasing a few. You are trapping a gross aroma of body odor under the lining of your bra; so if you want to smell good, you will do what it takes.

Low-carb diets


Although high-carb processed foods have a tendency to increase your body odor, drastically reducing the amount of carbs you are consuming will make you smelly. The less carbs you consume, the less carbs your body has to burn for energy. Eventually it starts to burn fat instead. This can make your breath stink; some people describe the smell as “a combination of nail polish and overripe pineapples (Prevention).”

You’re lactose intolerant


Millions of American’s suffer from lactose intolerance. It occurs when the body lacks the digestive enzyme lactase. This stunts the metabolic process and can cause the body to give off smelly odors (Why Your Digestive Health is More Important Than You Think).