The Worst Halloween Candies and Healthier Alternatives

The average American consumes a total of 3.4 pounds of candy, 7,000 calories and 3 cups of sugar


What is the scariest part of Halloween? If you ask the parents, it is the possibility of their children consuming 3.4 pounds of candy, 7,000 calories, 3 cups of sugar or 220 sugar packets in just one day. This is what the average American devours over Halloween, data shows.

Candy is not a staple food and should never be perceived as anything more than a treat. But the different kinds of sweet delicacy are not created equal and, even when consumed occasionally and in small portions, they can cause a lot of harm.[slideshow:90104]

There are ways you can eat dessert and not gain weight, but a person’s overall health is not just about normal waistline measurements. Too much sugar, unhealthy fats and artificial flavor can unleash a vicious cycle of chronic problems.

Halloween is a very tempting time for people to develop a candy-eating habit. The sweets are literally everywhere you turn, often sold cheaply. Fighting the temptations can be a losing battle. Prevent this from happening by opting for healthier alternatives.

Too much sugar consumption is directly linked to weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and poor immune system function as it wreaks havoc on the blood sugar and creates an unhealthy microflora environment in the gut.

Stay away from products that contain refined sugar, trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup and preservatives. Read the nutrition label and look for natural sweeteners like agave nectar, brown rice syrup, honey, coconut palm sugar-syrup, or tapioca syrup.

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