What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About You?

Unleash your hidden personality


Halloween is the time of year to unleash your hidden personality and dress up as a completely different person for a day. While your imaginary friend may be obvious because of the costume you’re wearing, the candy you’re munching on is also revealing.[slideshow:91394]

You are not going to trek out in the cold for just any candy. You probably hope that everyone will have what you secretly been dreaming of for the past few weeks – eating an unlimited amount of your favorite candy

Child or adult, when you are handed starbursts, candy corn, or musketeer bars – your cravings spike and you just can’t wait to take a bite.

So, what does your favorite Halloween treat say about you? Maybe you’re artistic, the life of the party, hyperactive or a loyal person. Keep reading to find out.


What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About You?


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