Nutritionists and Dietitians Dish on What They Would Never, Ever Eat

Nutrition experts weigh in on the foods that definitely don't deserve a place on their plates


There are foods that should be eaten in moderation (think, ice cream, cookies, cake, cocktails), and then there are foods (or maybe I should say “food-like products”) that should probably never be eaten all.

No doubt, items in the latter category may have a certain "tasty" appeal (honestly, who doesn’t love Cheetos?), but since they offer hardly any nutritional value and in some cases might even pose a threat to your health, for the most part it’s better to avoid them altogether.

What kinds of foods and products fall into this realm?

Well, we recruited the help of a several nutritionists and dietitians to find out. Of course, no one eats perfectly 100 percent of the time, but if anyone out there best knows what foods to avoid, it’s definitely the experts who make a living showing others how to eat healthy.   

Here’s a look at the foods and products they said they certainly wouldn’t consume.

Non-Natural Peanut Butter


“Like Skippy and Jif or any peanut butters that contain sugar and hydrogenated oils,” said Jennifer Cassetta, a Los Angeles-based clinical nutritionist and personal trainer. “Nut butters should contain one or two ingredients — the nut and salt. That's it. No sugar necessary and certainly no trans fats to help keep them on the shelf longer.”

Raw Spinach


“There have been several recalls of washed raw spinach contaminated with E.coli and salmonella, which may lead to foodborne illnesses,” said Jennifer Glockner, a registered dietitian nutritionist and the creator of the Smartee Plate e-book series for children. “Unfortunately, additional washing at home doesn't remove the pathogens. Consequently, I recently stopped eating raw spinach. However, I love spinach and eat it cooked." Glockner noted that cooking spinach may be more important for the elderly, immunocompromised people, pregnant women and kids.

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