Myths About Overeating During the Holidays

Don't believe everything you hear

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The last month of the year is not famous for inspiring people to get healthy and get rid of bad habits. People’s calendars are full with company holiday parties and family dinners in December. Gaining weight is, many will say, inevitable.

This is just one of many myths about overeating during the holidays that should be ignored.[slideshow:81665]

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time and, while this doesn’t mean to binge on burgers, candy and milkshakes, treating yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure will not ruin your diet, figure (or life).

Read through this list of fables if you want to keep your sanity intact while enjoying December and its many sweet temptations.

MYTH: People gain 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s

Let’s just get the biggest legend out of the way first. Studies show that the average adult puts on around one pound over that time period. “The biggest misconception comes from the fact that people don’t remember what they weight before December,” Lauren Antonucci, Board Certified Sports Nutritionist and Director of Nutrition Energy, said. “People gain weight slowly throughout the year but they think they gained five pounds in a month.” The fear that may be true is not so bad, she adds, because it keeps you cautious about what you eat.

MYTH: Sit next to a skinny person at the dinner table

You should sit next to the person who eats healthy, Antonucci says. Everyone knows of a skinny person who is lucky to stay the same size regardless of how much he or she abuses their digestive system. Don’t sit next to thin Jim, who focuses on everything but the veggies on the table. Your body is different. Surround yourself instead with two people who eat well and, hopefully, that will motivate you to eat better.

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