The Most Dangerous People Foods for Dogs

You'd surprised at how many of our favorite foods can be fatal for our four-legged friends


The only time people should not share food with their best friend is when he or she is a dog.

“They love to eat anything we are eating,” Dr. Heather Manfredi, a veterinarian at Lap of Love, says, but they can’t tell the difference between what is good and potentially fatal for them.[slideshow:86165]

In general, don’t give your pet anything that is considered harmful to humans. This includes candy, foods with too much salt, alcohol, and anything with artificial sweeteners. But fruits and vegetables that people should be consuming, such as onion or avocado must be avoided at all times as well.

“Dogs love cantaloupe, pineapple and watermelon,” Dr. Manfredi says. So feed them these tasty fruits instead.

You can’t train dogs not to eat food other people give them. “But you can train the people,” she adds. 

Many foods we consume can be safe for dogs, but it all depends on the preparation method. “Chicken, for example, is OK, but use the white meat, which has to be boiled or baked, boneless, and skinless,” she adds. Fried and spicy foods are on the “banned” list.

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