Meal Prep Ideas that Will Have You Losing 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks


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What I’m about to show you is one of the top hidden secrets in fitness. I’m going to show you a meal prep idea that is responsible for hundreds of my clients losing 10,20 and even 30 pounds. I call it the 2-week metabolism reset.

Here are a few clients who have used this meal prep idea.

Mike Wise

Chad Czerneski

Brandy Fetty

Those are only a few but as you can see…yep this meal prep idea works.

Here is how you do it:

Step No. 1 : Get your meals set up.

Find the following right now :

1 Healthy Breakfast

1 Healthy Lunch

1 Healthy Dinner

2 Healthy Snacks

32 Oz water bottle

Need Ideas? There are thousands of healthy recipes online

Here are the only rules you have to follow when choosing your meals:

On non-training days keep the carbs at 50 grams or less.

On training days keep the carbs somewhere between 70-80 grams (all fruits and veggies)

For Females: Have at least 120 grams of protein/day

For Males: Have at least 180 grams of protein/day

All fat should come from natural sources (no man-made fats)

Calories are not the concern

200 mg of caffeine are optional (spark or coffee)

Simple enough right? But how do you know how many grams are in the food? 

Step No. 2 : Create an account with

This is super easy to do and can seriously help you lose weight. Myfitnesspal got it right with this app and the best part is the app syncs with your computer so logging is done in seconds.

Enter in your 3 meals + 2 snacks and make sure they are within the parameters of my rules. This should literally take you 10 minutes.

****Important note: When calculating carbs of fruits and vegetables you are going to cut the grams of carbs in half.

Why? Because fruits and veggies have a lot of fiber and I want you to eat those. This will make the 50 grams or less a little easier. Remember this is only for 2 weeks so suck it up.

Also remember that you can have more carbs on training days (70-80 grams)

Ok so now that you have your meals and your myfitnesspal account here is what you do now:

List all ingredients.

Go grocery shopping and buy 2 WEEKS worth of the ingredients.

Come home and clear out your cupboards of ANYTHING unhealthy. I don’t care how much money you spent..throw the junk out now or this will not work.

Spend time on Sunday and hit put the meal prep into full gear.

Prepare your meals just for 1 week so things stay fresh

Why purchase 2 weeks worth of food? Because you are going to eat the same breakfast, same lunch, same dinner and same 2 snacks for 2 weeks straight.


Yes. This is the most important part of this process because it does 2 very important things:

1. Your body will get used to digesting healthy foods

2. Your preparation at home will get easier and easier

The end result? You will lose weight and your metabolism will love you. This meal prep idea will without a doubt have you losing weight. This is not some crash diet. Once you see the benefits of eating healthy just for 2 weeks you will feel amazing and I guarantee you won’t go back to eating junk and feeling the way you did before. This simple meal prep idea has been responsible for hundreds of my clients losing 10,20, and even 30 pounds in just 2 weeks. Why not  you?

To recap this simple and super effective method:

1. Find your meals using my meal plan

2. Set up your myfitnesspal account

3. Write down the ingredients needed

4. Grocery shop for a 2 weeks supply of the foods

5. Clean your cupboards

6. Eat the same breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 snacks throughout the day for 2 weeks

7. Start tracking your meals on myfitnesspal (should be copy and paste)

8. Lose weight

9. Feel great!

These two weeks will be a big change for most of you but do not give in to temptation. Suck it up and do this for 2 weeks. Going back to what you did before will leave you with the same results you had before. Pretty damn simple. As time goes on this will get easier and easier and you will be emailing me to tell me thank you. I’m telling ya.

Chase It!

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