How to Get More Protein: 5 Simple Tricks


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Protein, protein, protein! Why is it always about how to get more protein when it comes to diet?! It doesn’t matter if your a meathead body builder or a stay at home mom looking to get lean. You need protein.

Here is what happens when you don’t pack in protein to your everyday meals:

1. Slower metabolism

2. Slower weight loss

3. Decrease in muscle mass

4. Low energy

5. Weak immune system

6. Moodiness (nobody likes a little biach)

7. Muscle and joint pain

8. Simple enough right?

Don’t put yourself through facing that stuff. Here is how to get more protein in your diet and start crushing it in the gym.



Yogurts…….. or nah



Supplements (oh my god he didn’t just say supplement did he?) 


Ok so how much of each and why? 


I think that fish might be the #1 in my book for protein. Why do I love it so much? Because fish is so high in protein and so low in saturated fats. AND a huge reason I like this one is because most restaurants offer some type of fish whether it be for lunch or dinner. I hear people say all the time that it’s way too much preparation….. You are wrong! If you can’t take 15 or even 30 minutes out of your week to prep your meals then just stop reading now ok?  You are wasting your time and your are not serious about living healthy.

Do I have your attention now?

Here are some awesome fish options you can plug in:

Shrimp:  4oz = 22 grams of protein

Tuna: 4oz = 26 grams of protein

Salmon: 4oz = 21 grams of protein

Halibut: 4oz = 26 grams of protein

Lobster: 4oz = 22 grams of protein

Note: this was measured using the myfitnesspal website!


Along with eggs chicken is the most common source of protein we consume. I love chicken! If you mix up your recipes and do it right you can have chicken err day and not get bored.

Easiest way to get chicken in your diet? lunchtime.

Here is an awesome lunch your can start using right now: Mary’s Honey Pecan Grape & Chicken Salad 

Grilled Chicken: 4oz = 37 grams of protein!    Talk about a heavy hitta!!


I’ll be honest and say that I’m not the biggest fan of yogurts when it comes to adding in protein. I’m not completely against it because there are some healthy yogurts out there but almost every time I see people eating yogurts I see a ton of carbs and sugars on the packages. Not good. Fage 2% Plain Greek Yogurt: 4oz = 11 grams of protein…….meh.


I like beans. They are packed with fiber and are very easy to add to your meals. You can add beans into your salads, soups and beef that you eat with lunch or dinner.A great example? Turkey Stuffed Peppers RecipeBeans: 1 cup = 16 grams of protein!! Not bad at all.


Yeah, I get nutty. Nuts are the #1 snack I recommend to my weight loss clients. Why? Because normally its 10x more healthy than the snacks most people “think” are healthy. Nuts have tons of fiber which is needed for a flat belly. Nuts are easy to add into your diet. Toss them into salads and keep a bag in your car. Especially when traveling this is huuuuuuuge!

Almonds: 4oz = 24 grams of protein

Cashews: 4oz = 12 grams of protein

Pecans: 4 oz = 10 grams of protein


The dreaded word everybody gets scared of when they hear it. Can you get by without supplements? Hell yeah you can but you probably wont. Look..supplements give you 2 things: Time and convenience. Two pretty big things when it comes to you getting in the best shape of your life.

Ok, so enough with the soapbox. Here is what I recommend if you are going to use a supplement:

Advocare Muscle Gain = 25 grams / serving

Advocare Post-Workout Recovery = 12 grams/serving

I do two servings of Muscle Gain every day. Once around 10:00 AM and another at 5:00 PM. Works like a charm!


This comes in as # 2 for my favorite source of protein. Eggs are packed with health benefits and are easy to prepare! I literally timed myself one morning to see how long it would take me to scramble up 3 eggs with spinach. My time?  1 minute and 45 seconds. You are going to tell me you don’t have 1 minute and 45 seconds to make eggs? Another easy way that I find to get eggs in is hard boiling them. I eat 2 every day. Once around 10:00 AM and the other around 7:00 PM.  I use this as my late night snack. Three Large Eggs Scrambled = 20 grams of protein…. Easy! Eat this for breakfast and your golden:


15 almonds
2 whole eggs + ½ cup whites
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 cup of blueberries


Scramble the eggs using the coconut oil. Have the almonds and blueberries on the side.


Alright let’s wrap things up.

You need to eat more protein. How much?

Females = 120 grams/day

Males = 180 grams/day

Don’t believe me? Well check out these guys who did believe me and look at their results:

Mike Wise

Chad Czerneski

Brandy Fetty

Karen Hoke

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