How Exercise Helps with Digestive Health

To ensure a healthy digestive system it’s important to adapt a healthy lifestyle

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A strong digestive system is essential for your health. If your food is not digested properly it could lead to a number of health issues. Some of these include heartburn, gastro intestinal problems, constipation and acidity.

To ensure a healthy digestive system it’s important to adapt a healthy lifestyle. This includes, exercise and good eating habits.

Live Strong explains, “according to the BBC exercise slows down the digestion system in order to conserve energy for the muscles. The Gastroenterological Society of Australia says cardiovascular exercise strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and stimulates the intestinal muscles to move contents through the digestive system.”

Exercise has been shown to rid problems of heartburn, gas, stomach cramps and constipation.


Exercise helps push digestive waste through your body

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It raises your heart rate which reduces intestinal sluggishness by stimulating your muscles. This helps push digestive waste through your body (Enzymatic Therapy).




There are some yoga poses that actually help increase blood flow to the digestive system. The strengthening and stretching of your muscles has been proven to help promote digestion. Mild Body Green says, twists are one of the best yoga poses for digestion.  They explain, “most twists directly affect the area below the ribcage where most digestion happens. Twists squeeze your body's most important detox player, the liver, hastening an inner cleanup of all the junk we consume.” Also, make sure while doing a twist to focus on your breath. Don't rush out of the pose; spend at least 8-10 breaths on each side.


Aerobic Exercise

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According to research, aerobic exercise is said to increase blood flow to our organs and bring more blood to the gastrointestinal tract. This results in stronger intestinal contractions and more digestive enzymes.



There are certain breathing exercises you can practice to ensure healthy digestion. For instance, while exercising practice deep breathing. It has been shown to help eliminate toxins from the body.


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