Foods That Are Ruining Your Workout

Don’t doom your training before you even start; know the pre-workout mistakes to avoid


What people consume before a workout is often the difference between a successful training session and giving up after five minutes. How much protein, fats and carbs to eat is not rocket science and depends on many factors, one if which is the type of exercise.[slideshow:86582]

Many people think they are eating healthy by eating non-caloric sweetened beverages, consuming oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, skipping snacks between meals or eating high-sugar “health bars” as a snack prior to lunch, Meghan Doherty, BSN, and nutrition consultant for Madsweat, says. But all of these are hurting the body.

Not eating does not help you lose weight or increase your endurance; it slows your metabolic rate, she says. “Oats are a great source of fiber but I see many people eating instant, rolled oats with fruit,’” Doherty adds. Oats also have the same chemical structure as gluten—so they inflame the gut and don’t satisfy you like other proteins.

You may be unknowingly putting the wrong foods in your body, causing it to feel lethargic. Muscle cramps and stomach aches follow. The general perception is that you can never eat too many vegetables, but this is not the case when you’re about to have a sweat session.

Don’t doom your workout before you even start. Know the common and lesser-known diet mistakes so you can see results sooner.

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