Fitness Tip of the Day: Drink Chocolate Milk after Working Out

Who says delicious can't be healthy?

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For once you can learn from your kids – drink chocolate milk. A study shows that it may be the best post-exercise drink.

It has twice as many carbs and protein as regular milk, which is exactly what you need for muscle recovery after training. The water in the milk replaces the fluids you lost while sweating and that keep you hydrated. This kind of milk, which is the best source of calcium known to people, has some extra sodium and sugar to help your body retain water and regain energy.

Experts usually recommend people to eat or drink within 30-50 minutes after they are done with their training session because that’s when the body has the least amount of stored glycogen (the energy it has just used). Your muscles are ready to take in whatever you give them and what is better than protein? Milk causes an insulin spike – but this time this is not a bad thing – which helps get the sugar to the muscles, where it becomes glycogen.

The athletes that need a glass of chocolate milk after exercising the most are cyclists, marathon runners, swimmers because the operate on high endurance levels for a long time. They need all of the calories, carbs and protein they can get to keep the same level.

Drinking chocolate milk when your body has little energy is also good because it fills up you. Chances are you won’t be overeating when you get home after the gym.

Another bonus: Milk is cheaper than Gatorade and many other recovery drinks. It’s already in your fridge.

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