Fall Superfoods that Help with Weight Loss

The fall doesn't come with fewer healthy food options


Most people associate colder weather with weight gain – cool temperatures outside tend to discourage physical activity as people find snuggling in bed while watching their favorite TV shows cozier than running in the park.[slideshow:90733]

Food choices also change. You may notice less familiar produce in the store, but that doesn’t mean what’s available is not going to help you lose weight. Fall foods are not all about Thanksgiving – stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and desserts – and overeating in general. Comfort foods seem more appealing as football season starts and tailgating is the favorite Sunday funday hobby.  

That’s certainly not the extent of what fall has to offer. When considering the best foods for your body and your goals in general, it’s important to eat in-season.

You don’t have to starve if you are trying to lose a few pounds. The healthiest way to do that is to clean up your diet and cut the portions a little bit. But you still need fiber, protein and vitamins so your body can function properly. Superfoods that peak in the fall have them all.

Don’t wait until New Year to get in shape. Dishearteningly few people actually achieve their resolutions, which usually have something to do with losing weight – almost half of Americans set an objective but only 8 percent complete it. Set yourself up for success and start now by consuming more fall superfoods.

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