9 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Get rid of excess waste, boost your energy and build a stronger immune system with these simple detoxes


Detoxification is a process in which we target the body to get rid of accumulated toxins. We do it to cleanse our internal organs from food waste, environmental pollutants, poisons, harmful bacteria, alcohol, medications and parasites, according to Live Strong.

An overload of these toxins in our colon, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin and lymph glands may lead to serious health concerns. Some of which include digestive problems, skin conditions, premature aging, weight gain and migraines.[slideshow:87173]

According to research, “detoxification regimens generally start with the liver, the body's major detoxification organ. When the liver is working efficiently and effectively, other organs often follow suit. The skin, lungs, bowels, kidneys and bladder eliminate toxins processed by the liver, and of course are eliminative in and of themselves. Once the detox process begins, digestion, brain function and other physiological processes also tend to work better.”

Get rid of excess waste, boost your energy, build a stronger immune system and improve your skin with the help of these simple detoxes.


9 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body


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