8 Foods That Boost Your Energy

Eat these foods for a natural energy boost


You have been running around all day, your energy is slowly depleting and you need a boost. It may be time to grab a bite to eat. There are certain foods that have been proven to help increase energy levels.

It’s important to stay hydrated and eat foods that are rich in protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Sagan Schultz, certified personal trainer and CEO of WellWell, explains that nuts and dried fruit are great snacks because they are a combination of fiber and protein which “slows the breakdown of carbs and provides a steady supply of glucose.”[slideshow:91170]

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Vitamins are essential for energy as well. They can be found in the foods that you eat or in supplement form. B Vitamins “are essential in the metabolic pathways that convert food into energy,” Schultz says. Other vitamins that provide energy support include iron, magnesium and ginseng.

However, if you’re constantly tired and lack energy, you may need to make a few lifestyle changes. Try taking naps during the day, exercising more, eating breakfast and avoiding alcohol before bedtime.


8 Foods That Boost Your Energy


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