19 Surprising Holiday Foods You Should Stay Away From

Sometimes looks can be deceiving when it comes to food as well

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The end of the year is the season to try tasty foods and not feel guilty about it. Studies show that a person puts on about a pound during the holidays, but if you’re not careful you can gain more. Special dishes for Christmas and New Year parties are delicious but also very tricky.[slideshow:81785]

If you are making honey glazed ham for Christmas dinner, cookies for Santa, or green beans and mashed potatoes as a side, you should know that they add up to quite a lot of calories consumed in a single meal.

WellWellWell, a source for traveling better, created an infographic to better illustrate how much you need to work out to burn off each of these tasty dishes.

Surprised? Some “healthy” foods can be really deceiving. Making the decision to stay away from some of your favorite treats is always frustrating but sometimes necessary.

You should by all mean enjoy the joyful time with friends and family, and satisfy your taste buds, but be careful with certain items on the table. Pick your favorites and avoid dishes you don’t like very much because they may not be good for you anyway.

1. Coleslaw

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If you think that a coleslaw salad is better than fries so you make the “sacrifice” and order it, think again. It has carrots and cabbage all of it is covered in a fatty mayonnaise. A single cup of it contains as many as 280 calories, 190 of which are fat, according to CalorieKing. Do you want to calculate how long you need to run to burn that?

2. Stuffed potato

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The potato itself is a great natural source of vitamins B and C. So why do you have to go and add butter, sour cream and cheese? Now all of a sudden, your potato has at least 280 calories and 15 grams of fat, more than half of which is saturated fat. So maybe consider adding your favorite veggies to the baked potatoes instead of butter and cream?

3. Frosting


If you don’t have the heart to stay away from cupcakes, at least get rid of the frosting. It is delicious, but also really, really bad for you – more than you imagined until now. It has a lot of harmful food additives that can ruin your weight loss plans and also exacerbate any health problems you may already have. They increase your bad cholesterol, and settles comfortably right around your belly. Just a little bit of frosting boosts you blood sugar levels so much, you get past the healthy limits in a short amount of time.

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