15 Summer Superfoods That Don't Cost a Fortune

Eating healthy is possible without breaking the bank


“Superfood” is a clever marketing label used to describe produce and other items in grocery stores that are rich in nutrients that help lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk for heart problems, cancer and other diseases.[slideshow:86864]

Some foods that fit this description – like gogi berries – are trendy, which makes them expensive. Others – such as strawberries and apples – can always be found in the produce section of the grocery store, which means they may contain pesticides, sometimes dangerous chemicals that are used to protect crops from weeds, insects and infections.

Maintaining a healthy diet can be an expensive endeavor. Salmon, for example, is a year-round superfood but its cost has hit a 30-year high. Eating in season is one of the best ways to consume  good foods that you can actually afford.

The foods on the following list are based on the Department of Agriculture’s seasonal produce guide; the prices have been estimated by the USDA Economic Research Service.

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