15 Foods an Athlete Would Never Eat

Avoid these foods and follow the same healthy guidelines an athlete does


Athletes follow strict nutritional plans in order to enhance their performance and reach their training goals. They understand with every meal they are either improving their performance or sabotaging it completely.

“Athletes require foods that are nutrient dense primarily for muscle repair (recovery), and energy,” says Master Trainer Vince Liguori. He explains, “Some of the worst would-be foods (calories) that are void of nutrients such as processed foods.”[slideshow:82349]

Anna Nemeckay, Director of Personal Fitness coaching at Silver Mountain Sport Clubs, explains an athlete would never eat beans, sugary sports drinks, beer, flavored yogurt and diet soda. Each of these foods cause more harm to the body than good.

Along with overall performance enhancement, eating healthy improves mood, increases productivity, controls weight, boosts energy, prevents disease and increases your chances of living longer.

If athletes wouldn’t touch these foods, maybe you shouldn’t either. In addition, make sure you are staying hydrated, eating frequently and consuming a variety of foods.

Try following the same healthy guidelines an athlete does. 


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