15 Best Cheat Foods and Drinks of Summer

Sometimes forgetting about empty calories and too much sugar is totally worth it


Hot summer days are inevitable. Hiding in an air-conditioned room is one way of escaping the heat, but it’s also very restricting and boring. Spending time with friends and family at the seaside or going on an active adventure together is a lot more fun.[slideshow:87361]

Beach bodies and beach time usually go together in a sentence, but not as often in reality. People spend most of spring slimming down for the summer, only to indulge in everything they’ve been avoiding for months. They can’t be blamed. It’s against human nature to say no to a refreshingly cool cocktail or ice cream, especially if it’s squeezed between chocolate chip cookies.

Children gain weight three times faster during the summer months, gaining as much weight during the summer as they do during the entire school year, even though the summertime is three times shorter, according to the National Summer Learning Association.

Whether you call them cheat foods or awards for a job well done, the items on the following list are part of a standard behavior during this time of the year. There are some tricks you can apply to minimize the potential weight gain effect – schedule specific times to exercise, drink a lot of water, and avoid all non-summer cocktails.

The calories in each food or drink on the list are based on information provided by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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