12 Delicious Foods You Can Snack On and Lose Weight

Lose weight and don't starve by eating these foods with high water content

Losing weight will be much easier if people can eat anything they want while exercising just 20 minutes a day. Then there will be no obesity problem in the world. You may think this is “wishful thinking” but the reality is that you don’t have to struggle either.

Studies have shown that foods high in water content help you lose extra pounds because they fill you up, causing you to eat less. They don’t usually have a lot of calories, which is a bonus. Water, fiber and calcium are the three key “ingredients” you need to look for when choosing your snacks.

Broth-based soups obviously have a lot of water, but you can’t survive on them alone, right? It's a good idea to eat a bowl before each meal to fill up. But there are a lot of other delicious options available so you can expand your menu, enjoy food, and lose weight – all at the same time. That is not just wishful thinking. 


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Cucumbers go well with everything. Eating them is like eating water because this green vegetable (and lettuce) is 96 percent H2O – more than all other veggies. You can add cucumbers to all kinds of salads, sandwiches or eat them separately with cream cheese or hard-boiled eggs. Cucumbers are also a great source of Vitamin C and caffeic acid, which help skin heal and reduce inflammation.  Now you see why people put them under their eyes?


The water content in pineapples is 87 percent. The fruit is used to treat inflammation and indigestion because it contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down food.


95 percent of every tomato is water. Make sure you add them to you salad. Snack on cherry tomatoes between meals. They will keep you hydrated and full. Add mozzarella cheese to make this a delicious appetizer.


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If you’re not a big fan of eating raw fruits and vegetables, grab some Greek yogurt to get hydrated. Know the difference between Greek yogurt and the regular kind your corner store sells. The former is typically made by straining the yogurt to remove the liquid portion known as whey. “This results in a thicker yogurt with less sugar and a higher protein content,” Vitamin Shoppe Nutritionist Brian Tanzer, MS, CNS says. “One should choose unflavored Greek yogurt and add in their own fruit such as blueberries or raspberries along with some almonds for healthy fats.” Yogurt also has a lot of potassium and enough sodium to replace lost electrolytes.

Baby carrots

Baby carrots can have as much as 95 percent water. They are also packed with Vitamin A, which is important for your vision health. A serving is about eight baby carrots, which is 30 calories, and contains 2.5 grams fiber. Studies show that the healthy nutrients carrots have help protect your skin, lungs and mouth from oral cavity cancers. Tip: Carrots are especially delicious when dipped in guacamole.


Cantaloupes are 90 percent water. Just one serving provides you with your daily dose of vitamins A and C. It’s the perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth. One cup of sliced pieces is just 53 calories. Mix them with some yogurt and put them in the freezer for a home-made sherbet.  

Grapefruits and oranges


Grapefruits and oranges are 91 and 87 percent water, respectfully. Just one has your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. The peeling part is totally worth it. Research indicates that grapefruits’ chemical properties lower insulin levels and control appetite. The fruit also keeps bad cholesterol down by 15 percent.


Pears are sweet, juicy and refreshing. If that’s not enough to make you eat a few a day, they are 84 percent water. One pear contains a quarter of the amount of fiber you need on daily basis. The soluble fiber found in the fruit help you stay full for longer.


The name may have given it away but watermelon consists mostly of water – 92 percent. A study says that the mixture of salts, minerals and natural sugars in this juicy fruit can even hydrate your body better than water itself. Watermelon is also high in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also has a lot of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant known to prevent cells from damage. You can mix watermelon slices with feta cheese, like people in some European countries do, for extra flavor.



One medium stalk of celery has only 6 calories and it’s 95 percent water. Bonus: It also contains fiber, making this veggie ideal for a snack if you need to suppress your appetite and still get some healthy nutrients in your system. Celery is packed with vitamins A and C.


As if people needed another reason to eat strawberries! Thanks to their 92 percent water content, these berries are the perfect snack between meals. This juicy red fruit is delicious when mixed with everything – salads, yogurt and even other fruits. Combine them and you get a snack rich on healthy carbs, fiber and protein.  

Also, studies have shown that people who eat strawberries every day have more vitamin B folate, which helps against clogged arteries.


Apples are 84 percent water. Some nutritionists advise people to eat apples when they think they are hungry because hunger and thirst often get confused. So have one apple and drink a glass of water before sitting down for a meal. Dip the fruit in honey to make the snack a sweet dessert. Apples are famous superfoods. They have been linked to low cholesterol, weight loss and protecting the body from heart illnesses, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.

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