11 Office Snacks That Are Wrecking Your Diet

Are you guilty of bad office snacking?


A platter of fruits and vegetables is rarely the corporate norm for an office snack (Satisfying Snacks that Won't Destroy Your Diet).

The tempting free foods at your workplace may end up costing you a lot in the form of extra inches around your waist and later gym membership to shed the pounds.[slideshow:84268]

Studies have shown that will power is a limited source. “You may resist a slice of pizza a few times but you won’t after a while,” Lauren Antonucci, Board Certified Sports Nutritionist and Director of Nutrition Energy says.

But pizza is not the only offender. Pretzels, nuts and even smoothies can be very deceiving. Snacks that seem to be loaded with fruits and vegetable may also hide a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients, making them nutritionally empty.

Don’t fall into a trap of consuming too many calories a day. Whether they come from good or bad sources, eating more than what your body needs will result in stored fat and gained weight. 

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