10 Health and Fitness Experts Share their Favorite Healthy Office Snacks

Delicious and satisfying snack ideas from top healthy living experts


Emil Shour— It sometimes seems impossible to eat healthy at work. The constant supply of sugary, trans fat-loaded treats sitting on the breakroom table are always calling our names. 

So, we decided to reach out to 42 health experts (i.e. nutritionists, dietitians, fitness coaches, doctors, and healthy lifestyle bloggers) and asked them one question:

What are your favorite healthy snacks to keep at the office (or wherever you work) and why?

We wanted to know straight up the snacks they recommend to us office-dwelling folks. The goal was to find the healthiest and most convenient way to fight that afternoon “hangry” feeling. Here are their responses:

Jessa Nowak, In Wealth and Health
My favorite snack to keep at work is a handful of nuts and string cheese. Keeping it low carbohydrate will not slow you down and the high protein will satisfy you until your next meal.  
Twitter: @HappynHealthyRD

Kris Gunnars, Authority Nutrition
The perfect snack in my opinion is a piece of fruit along with a handful of nuts. I prefer to eat the fruit first, then the nuts. The fruit provides a balanced amount of healthy carbs and fiber, while the nuts provide fiber, healthy fats and a decent amount of protein.
Twitter: @AuthNutrition


Ashley Koff RD, The Better Nutrition, Simplified program
I don’t recommend picking a single “favorite” snack as a key to satisfying you and your body is giving it what it needs and that includes what you want — give it savory when you want sweet and typically you go find sweet later. What I look for is something that hits my 4 pillars on the Better Nutrition Simplified Plan — quality, quantity, nutrient balance, and frequency.

That might be a sweet treat Nature’s Path Qi’a bars or Manitoba Harvest hemp heart bites with a Daily Greens renew, or a pit workout smoothie like my Chocolate Milk 2.0 featuring Symbiotics to optimize lean body mass and gut health, or I grab an Earthbound Farms Power Meal or when traveling I make Natural Calm magnesium with brassica tea (the glucoraphanin is a potent detox enabler) and have Nibmor dark chocolate (70-80%) with a packet of Justin’s peanut or almond butter.
Twitter: @ashleykoff

Dolvett Quince, Trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser
Greek Yogurt with blueberries and almonds! One of my favorites!
 Twitter: @dolvett

Michele Promaulayko, Editor in Chief at Yahoo Health
If I’m pretty hungry and know that 10 almonds isn’t going to cut it, I’ll throw a high-quality, low sugar packet of oatmeal (such as Nature’s Path Hemp Plus) into a mug, pour in some hot water and then mix in a tablespoon of nut butter. As long as there isn’t added sugar, I like the nut butters that come in little packets because I don’t trust myself around a jar! This is also my go-to plane snack because the ingredients travel well.
Twitter: @michprom

Leah Segedie, Mamavation
I have raw almonds, fruit, seaweed snacks, Larabars, and kombucha in my office. When I’m eating, I make it a priority to pair something with protein with something with fiber at every meal. That helps me control the amount of insulin my body produces. The major weight loss makes my body very sensitive to high glycemic foods, so I have to avoid them.
Twitter: @bookieboo

Tedi Sarah, Tedi Sarah
My favorite healthy office snack is unsweetened dried fruit! It lasts a long time, it’s easy to eat and it’s filled with natural deliciousness. Dried fruit is high in fiber and nutrient dense. Plus, dried fruit is a great source of energy when you need a little pick-me-up at work because they contain little to no fat while also containing a significant amount of calories.
Twitter: @tedisarah

Anjali Shah, The Picky Eater
My favorite healthy snacks to keep at the office are fruit and homemade trail mix. For fruit, I like “sturdier” fruits that can be shelf stable for a few days like apples, pears, oranges, and stone fruits like peaches/plums/nectarines.
Twitter: @pickyeaterblog


Chris Freytag, Get Healthy U
I’m a huge Greek yogurt fan – I mix in some nuts and dried cranberries. My other regular choice is raw veggies with a Wholly Guacamole packet – so yummy and satisfying. 
Twitter: @chrisfreytag

Katie Serbinski, Mom to Mom Nutrition
For me, the perfect snack is the right mix of carbs, protein, and fat. It also is sweet and satisfying. I typically make my own trail mix on Sunday night’s and prepackage them into resealable plastic bags [1/2 cup portions]. The trail mix usually includes almonds [protein], dried fruit [carb], and mini chocolate chips [fat].
Twitter: @MomNutrition

It’s clear that these experts value healthy on-the-go snacks to combat the urge to crack into those fat filled breakroom treats.  Click here to see even more Healthy Office Snack Ideas.

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