Is Your Home Making You Sick?

You home could possibly be making you sick

Do your eyes itch? Is your nose stuffy, maybe you feel a dreaded cold coming on? So, you blame it on the weather, or allergies, when little do you know, it could be your home causing you to feel this way.

Cleaning our homes can be dreadful, but it is something we MUST do! Our homes are full of different bacteria’s that could be making us sick. From our bathrooms, to our bedrooms, and even outside in our gardens, there many harmful household things that we need to worry about.

Read below for some of the many things in your household that could be making you sick.


Turn on your bathroom fan


While you shower be sure to turn on your bathroom fan. The heat and moisture the shower creates can cause mold to form. Therefore, turning on the bathroom fan will help prevent you from getting sick from mold and other bacterias.


Clean your kitchen faucet

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There are a lot of bacteria’s that spread along your kitchen faucet; these bacteria’s can easily find a way into your food. Make sure you are always cleaning it with natural cleaning products. 


Wash the bathmat in front of your tub

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Everytime you get out of the shower what is the first thing you do? Step on your bathmat. This means your bathmat is constantly getting wet which makes it more likely to have mold and bacteria forming.


Cleaning products

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Your cleaning products may actually be doing more harm than good. They may be causing you breathing problems, headaches and eye irritation and you don’t even know it! Make sure you check your labels to be sure you are not using products with harsh chemicals. 


Wash your sheets

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It’s important to wash your bed sheets regularly. You should be washing your sheets at least once every other week. This will ensure you are preventing a buildup of dead skin cells, body oils and sweat. *Make sure you fluff your pillows; this will help get rid of any dust and dead skin cells.


Tobacco Smoke


Does someone in your household smoke cigarettes? If so, you are at risk being exposed to tobacco smoke, as well as the smoker. This spoke puts you at risk for respiratory infections and lung problems.




When maintaining your lawn and gardens try to refrain from using chemical pesticides. According to, "Pesticides are stored in your colon, where they slowly but surely poison the body." Try using organic pesticides instead.




Make sure to keep your firewood outside! Bringing firewood into the house can cause a buildup of unwanted insects.


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