Tips for Staying Fit at College

From dining hall tips to fitness hacks, every college student should follow this advice for a healthy and successful semester

It’s that time of year again—the time when college students across the country pack up and head to school. [slideshow:75589]

Fresh off of summer, students are starting the fall semester with new books, clear heads and hopefully some good health habits from home. Whether entering as freshman or returning as seniors, the freedom of college is liberating, but it can occasionally lead to poor diet and fitness choices. Everyone’s heard of the dreaded freshman 15 and while that might not be a regular occurrence, students should be mindful of their choices in the dining hall and the gym, because those choices ultimately affect their health.

For advice on staying healthy and fit at college, we turned to personal trainers, nutrition experts and relationship experts. From dining hall tips to fitness hacks, this is the information every college student should follow for a healthy and successful semester.

Find a Regular Yoga Class

Whether you head to a yoga class in town or on campus, April Masini an author and relationship expert says it could be good for your fitness, psychological well-being and your relationships. “The regularity is great because it’s a healthy way to stay fit, burn off stress steam, and meet people who you know you’ll see on a regular basis,” she said. “College is a wonderful academic opportunity, but it’s also a stressor for many young people away from home for the first time. The expectation that college can be the best four years of your life isn’t always true—in fact, many times, it can lead to depression and damaging behavior as a result. Seeing the same people in a yoga class is a great way to make friends. Friendships plus exercise can lead to an absence or alleviation of stress. Yoga mat anyone?”

Join a CSA Group

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture”. “Many colleges will sell you a reasonably priced ‘share’ in this type of club where each week you get a box of farm to table produce,” said Masini. “It will feel like a little present that comes weekly, and the (usually) organic, super fresh food, offsets the evils of dorm cafeteria fare.”

11 Other Tips for Staying Fit at College

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