Signs a Headache Can Be Life-Threatening

It usually comes with other symptoms, but not always


Most of the time a headache is just that – a nuisance caused by dehydration or staring at a monitor for too long, two of the worst things you are doing to your body.[slideshow:85233]

If a headache is an indication of a serious condition, it will usually come with other signs, Dr. Jacqueline Kraveka, an oncologist and professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, says. “But they can also be the only symptom.”

About half of adults in the world have a headache disorder, according to the World Health Organization. Migraine on its own was found to be the sixth highest cause of years lost due to disability.

If you are among them, how would you tell the difference between your usual headaches and the more serious kind? “You can keep a headache diary,” Dr. Kraveka says. “This way you will see how long they last, when they occur, and after what activity.” Anything out of the ordinary is a sign you should see a doctor.

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