The Quickest and Easiest Workouts to Lose 10 Pounds

If there was a magic formula for losing weight, it would be a lot like this
The Quickest and Easiest Workouts to Lose 10 Pounds


You are probably not going to find a person who won’t take the chance to lose weight quickly if it can be done in a healthy way. How fast the pounds start shedding off depends a lot on how overweight a person is to begin with. But after that it gets tricky.

“There is no quick formula, but you can start the process,” Felicia Romero, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, says. If you have an event for which you want to fit in a dress that is a size or two smaller, decrease your carbs intake by 40 percent, Romero adds. “But don’t omit carbs completely because you’re risking overeating later.”[slideshow:103802]

The other part of the puzzle for quick weight loss is watching your portion sizes, Romero says. “And make your last two meals of the day be protein and vegetables.”

You can expect to feel grumpy the first couple of days because the body is getting used to its new diet, but after that you’ll definitely see that you have more energy, are in a better mood, sleep well, are more focused, perform, and better at work, Romero says.

The one factor you have to remember about successful weight loss, according to Romero, is consistency. “Too many people, especially women, are extreme and take all or nothing approach.” This is not healthy or sustainable. “Have some chocolate; just don’t have the whole bag,” she adds.

Losing weight is possible without exercising, but it’s not or fast or as fun. Be careful how you set your goals, though. “Try performance goals,” Romero says. “Don’t go for losing 10 pounds, but go for doing 8-10 pushups every day. The weight will come off naturally.”

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