Quick Legs & Booty Workout for Spring Break

Small changes can lead to big results in a short period of time


Spring Break is probably the most anticipated time of the year for college students. Everybody wants to look their best. This won’t be accomplished without a better diet and a training regimen. The good news is that even small changes can quickly lead to results.

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Certified fitness trainers and former Division 1 athletes, the SISSFiT ladies Lauren and Kelly Collins have released an 8-week workout program to help target problem areas – abs, glutes, and arms – while simultaneously torching calories to help spring breakers tone up before hitting the sand.

The Abs


The abs are some of the hardest muscles to tone. The midsection is the first place most people, particularly women, store weight. It’s just the way the body works.

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The key to scoring high-definition abs is feeling tension as you get the midsection working.

The Legs


Lunges are the go-to exercise for the legs. When done right, they can be very effective; otherwise you put unnecessary strain on your joints. 

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The lunge is a functional lower-body bodyweight exercise that primarily targets your quads. It is extremely effective for building lower body strength. The exercise will also activate your glutes, hamstrings and core.



Jump squats are an exercise you can easily do almost anywhere, including at the office. Go for soft landings to keep from drawing attention.

Jump squat is a very effective plyometric exercise. Start the drill as you are standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down as this was the standard exercise. Keep your back straight. Then, use your core muscles and jump up. 


Wall sits are a timed static exercise because the muscles are contracting without movement. It’s a good addition to your leg training because you strengthen two major muscle groups in the thigh – quadriceps and hamstrings.

The Core


Planks, an extremely effective isometric exercise, are great because they use your own bodyweight to maintain the stability of your entire core, which is exactly what the core muscles are supposed to do, and prevent back pain.

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Each variation targets and challenges different muscles, but, when done correctly, planks can build strength in your abdominal muscles, upper and lower back, shoulders, chest, quads and glutes.



Push-ups are a challenging upper-body, bodyweight exercise. They primarily target the pectoral (chest), anterior deltoid (rear shoulder), and triceps muscles, which means they’re exceptionally ideal for building total upper-body strength.


Bicycle crunches are a well-known ab exercise is extremely popular among all types of gym-goers and exercisers. A study found that it's actually the most effective move for strengthening the rectus abdominus, also known as the “six-pack” muscles.

The Cool Down

Lauren and Kelly are using the HYPERICE VYPER roller. It combines pressure and vibration to work through muscles.

Foam rolling is a method often used by professionals and physical therapists to help muscles recover so they don’t become overactive. They are practically a sports massage – but a lot cheaper.

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