These Are the Most Popular Fitness Trends Over the Past 6 Decades

The Most Popular Fitness Trends Over the Past 6 Decades

Remember a time when people were exercising and weren’t trying to look for ways that they can look like models without doing any work and without even breaking a sweat? Yes, this is the case all the time.[slideshow:104435]

This exact strive to accomplish the impossible has given rise to many fitness trends over the years, some of which are flat out dangerous.

While the goal is often the same – six-pack abs, fit thighs and bulging biceps – the products and fads that promise them come and go. Some deceitful marketing and ineffective exercises have been forgotten, but some are still lurking around.

Some of the fads are not that bad because they are not going to make you sick, unlike, say, detoxing, but they are not going to be the magic trick you are hoping for either. They are, however, likely to stretch your budget.

The following list is in no particular order.

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