Making Your Fitness 2018 Resolutions STICK

Be honest – do you even remember the goals you set for this year?
Making Your Fitness 2018 Resolutions STICK


If you are like most people you have already looking for ways to re-launch your New Year’s resolutions or have given up completely.

The most popular goal for every new year is to lead a healthier lifestyle and that includes eating better and working out. You can hire a personal trainer to help with the latter, but you can also do it by yourself. It’s hard work for a couple of months, but it feels natural after that.[slideshow:103718]

Having a busy and chaotic life is no excuse to sit on the couch whenever you get a free minute. People with families and full-time jobs find a way. One of them is Dr. Bill Dorfman, a celebrity cosmetic dentist and a huge fitness enthusiast. He is as busy person like most of us; that’s why we asked him about how he manages to stay on track with his fitness goals.  

“I suggest people make exercise a part of your life and do it daily,” he says. “Even if all you do is walk or ride on a stationary bike.  I always say you can rest when you are dead!” His personal resolution for 2018 is to try his best to be on the cover of Men's Health this year for my 60th birthday. Good luck!

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