How to Turn Your Pool Into a Six Pack Workout



How often do you chill at the pool? If you love being outside and love spending time with your family my guess is that you were at the pool often.

The pool is always a great place to be for family and fun, but did you know that your pool is actually a great place for you to get a tight and toned six-pack? Yep! It is and I’m going to show you exactly how to turn your pool into a six pack workout in minutes.

I'm always on the hunt for new and cool things to show you guys when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle and getting you guys the results you want. I'm sure a lot of you are going to love this.

Start implementing this into your day and soon enough you will see a more defined set of abs and probably a great tan to go with it! Sounds good to you?

Here we go.

How You Do It:

Really simple, take these 5 moves and create a workout circuit.

Here is how the circuit will work

Round #1 go for 45 seconds at each move.

Rest for about 1 minute. 

Round #2 go for 30 seconds at each move.

Rest for about 1 minute. 

Round #3 go for 30 seconds at each move.

To recap:

Round #1 = 45 seconds

Round #2 = 30 seconds

Round #3 = 30 seconds.

The Moves:

Straight Leg Kicks underwater

Carioca drill

Single Leg Lifts underwater

Pool Jump Tucks

V-Sit Hold  (have fun with this one ha!)

For more quick, simple and effective workouts just like this be sure to head over to where I post workouts and simple tips for all fitness levels.

Chase It!

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