How to Inspire Your Kids to Be More Active

Four tips to help your little ones enjoy the outdoors

You don’t have to look hard today to find a small child playing on a smartphone, but how often do you see a group of kids playing outside? It’s clear that access to technology is growing, while the priority for outdoor adventure and exercise seems to be shrinking. Meanwhile, it’s as important as ever to encourage kids to be active. If you’re wondering how you can foster a love of the outdoors and physical activity, check out these tips.

Set a Good Example and Get Involved
One of the best ways to encourage kids to do anything is to do it yourself and then do it with them. Talking about the importance of fitness and physical activity only goes so far if you don’t lead by example. Make it a priority to get active and enjoy it and then include your little one(s) on your outdoor adventure.

Invite Some Friends
Whether it be the neighbors, cousins or classmates, have a few kids over for some outdoor adventure and have a few balls and toys handy—bikes are always a big hit.

Let Them Choose
Options are an exciting form of freedom for kids, so letting them choose is sure to get them more excited.

Make It a Game
For kids who are a bit older, it might help to add a competitive edge. From a one-on-one game of basketball to a weekly competition of who can take the most steps (you’ll need a pedometer for that one), there are a bunch of ways you can up the ante for them and make it into a fun game. You can even add a reward for the winner.

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