Here’s How People Across the Country Tweet About Fitness

A recent report shows which states tweet about fitness the most, which states tweet least and what they’re tweeting about

You’ve seen it at the gym and all over your news feed—the trend of people obsessively tweeting about their latest workout is not going away anytime soon. From motivational posts to progress pictures, we all have that one friend who, according to social media, spends all of his or her time in the gym.

Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that your one friend isn’t alone. Social media support networks (like #FitFam) bring together people from around the world and according to a new report compiled by Elliptical Reviews, Americans have been very busy tweeting about their regimen.

The report highlights some of the major fitness trends on Twitter, flagging “mentions (not just hashtags) of the keywords ‘gym,’ ‘workout,’ ‘fitness,’ ‘cardio,’ and ‘exercise,’ in order to tell when people were tweeting about their workouts.

So, which states had the most mentions of fitness on twitter? According to the report, Nevada, New Jersey and Texas were the top three, per capita. Although Washington D.C. had a crazy high presence that the report attempts to explain.

“Interestingly, Washington, D.C., scored a sky-high 231. This could be based on population density, affluence, the focus on politics, or all three. After all, image matters in politics, and busy professionals may hit the gym frequently to stay in shape and de-stress from fast-paced careers. (The hard-and-fast reason is unclear, as we didn’t score other metros on this index.)”

On the low end of the spectrum, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota didn’t tweet as much and neither did Arkansas or Mississippi. The report suggests that people in those states likely spend their time getting fit in the great outdoors, rather than in a local gym.

The report further breaks down the top activity in each state, along with an in-depth, interactive breakdown of New York City and Los Angeles. To see the full report, visit

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