Easy Tips to Keep Your Summer Body

Spending more time inside doesn’t have to be synonymous with weight gain


Summer is unofficially over after Labor Day. This is a crucial and very challenging time for many people’s diets. It’s human nature to “let go” and indulge in delicious but unhealthy treats after several months of restricting yourself to fruits and veggies all in the name of looking great in a swim suit.[slideshow:102411]

And before you even realize it, you have given up entirely by the time fall hits. This is a common experience, according to Jeff Seid, author of new fitness book “Guide to Aesthetics.”

“It is ok to let go every once and awhile,” Seid says. “The biggest factor in this is moderation. One cheat meal will not give a noticeable difference. Even a whole cheat day every once and awhile is fine to help keep you sane.” But when that cheat day turns into a cheat week, that's when the problems occur, he adds.

What comprises a healthy lifestyle is not a secret – better food, more physical activity, enough sleep and healthy habits. Losing extra inches around the waist and thighs takes time, dedication, and consistency. Don’t let the results of all that hard work disappear as you start spending more time inside, wearing baggier clothes.

Click here for 12 easy tips to keep you summer body

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