Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

Numerous studies have shown that this is one very good way of keeping the flame burning

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It’s Valentine’s Day today, a day to celebrate love and the second-busiest for restaurants. Many people have already made plans to travel because the special occasion happens to be during a three-day weekend. But if you haven’t decided what to do yet, working out together is a great option, according to studies. Plus, you have to somehow burn the calories consumed during dinner?

Couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationship after participating in a physical challenge or activity together. Getting fitter, individually and with one another, is just a bonus here. Trainers at iLoveKickboxing preach the benefits behind "couples sweating together to stay together.

Shared goals

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Working out together automatically adds and strengthens another relationship tie between the two of you, giving you both something in common to work towards to together.

Increases emotional synchronicity

Whether you are lifting weights together, walking alongside each other on the treadmill, or throwing a medicine ball back and forth to one another- these are all ways in which you two will develop a shared rhythm and connection.

Shared experience

You'll both experience the benefits of exercising, which include increased endorphins (feelings of no pain/stress), more energy, better sleep, sharper thinking. A relationship is a two-way street. What's the point if one of you feels extremely good about yourself after a workout and wants to go out on a date night if your partner is slumped after a long day of work? Working out together will help you both match feelings of energy and optimism.

More efficient workouts

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Who you are surrounded by plays a huge role into what you do and how well you do it. Bringing your partner with you can be an effective stimulator to perfect your skills and perform an exercise even better. Whether it’s because you want to show off or make him or her proud, working out together is a great energy booster. A study says that your significant other will improve your speed and make your workouts more efficient without either of you realizing it.

Falling in love again

This will likely happen if you exercise together because working out brings out symptoms of physiological stimulation—sweating, increased heart rate, shortness of breath. Isn’t that how you feel –plus the butterflies in your stomach – when you are around the person you love? A study actually showed that people can easily mistake the two and misattribute physical arousal for romantic attraction.

Increased chance of achieving fitness goals

A 2013 research provided evidence that men do more physical activities when their wives are more supportive. This can go both ways. Complementing each other on a job well done – whether it’s yoga, Pilates, boxing, CrossFit or tough mountain biking – is one of the best kinds of motivators. Both of you know what exactly the other person is going through. No one can know what better to say to keep you going.

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