Can You Keep Up and Work Out Like a Cheerleader?

They just may be some of the fittest people you've ever known

You may only see them at college football games but cheerleaders are involved with an activity in one form or another all year long. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that most people, even the very active ones, won’t be able to manage, mentally and/or physically.[slideshow:102663]

“We never have an ‘off time’ where we have no cheer responsibilities,” Millery Null from the University of Alabama says. “No matter the time of year, we are always representing our university, whether it’s on the sidelines, on the competition floor, or out in the community.”

Their schedule is jam-packed. They begin in May with tryouts, for which they have spent months preparing. In the summer, they have camps and multiple practices to prepare for the upcoming football season. “On top of this we are required to maintain our physical condition ourselves until we meet back together for school in August,” Null says. As many of you know, staying at a healthy weight is a challenge few are able to meet. Thankfully, the cheerleaders have strength trainers that give them workout plans for the summer.  

“Then, football season is in full swing and we are traveling to games while maintaining our schoolwork and doing appearances on campus and in the community throughout the week,” Null says. But that’s not all. “Volleyball games are thrown into the mix that we attend. When football comes to an end and students go home for winter break, we stay to practice for UCA College Nationals, usually only getting about 4 or 5 days for Christmas break,” she adds. 

And don’t forget about the next season when the basketball competitions start. “We also cheer at gymnastics meets in the spring. Then we start all over again in May.”

Can you do all of that? This is how they manage.

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