Best Exercises for New and Busy Moms

Avoid jumping exercises and planks for a few months


Getting back in shape after nine months of getting bigger is every woman’s goal. But the new duties of taking care of a baby take priority and leave little time for exercise. Rushing into an active lifestyle and resuming your previous workout routine is not the way to go.[slideshow:87839]

New moms should avoid jumping exercises at least 4 to 6 months after giving birth, Andrea Claassen, a new moms and a certified personal trainer at SaFire Training, who specializes in 30-minute workout sessions, says.

Depending on whether they ran before and/or during the pregnancy, it may take as long to come back to it. You have to let the pelvic floor, the muscular base of the abdomen attached to the pelvis, heal. Don’t do high impact activities because the uterus and other organs also need time to repair, she adds.  

Avoid crunches and planks for 4-12 weeks. Diastasis Recti is a condition of the abdominal muscles that can occur after pregnancy – it’s a separation of the abdominal muscles. You have to wait for the gap to fill before stressing them. You can check for it by putting two fingers below the chest and above and below the belly.

When you are ready to do high intensity interval training (HIIT), start with cardio and either leg, chest, tricep or shoulder workouts, Claassen says. Do four sets of four exercises targeting the muscle group and be done, she adds. “If it doesn’t feel right, skip the cardio and walk instead.”

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