The Absolute Cutest Pet Costumes for Halloween

Can your four-legged best friend's costume beat any of these?


‘Tis the season to dress up your pet any way you want. Cats and dogs, and other alterative best friends, are part of the family and deserve to celebrate one of the most exciting holidays.[slideshow:90668]

Strapping into outfits and posting fun pictures on social networks for the world to see, judge, comment and vote won’t be the same without the spirited and spooky whims of adorable pooches and kittens.

A Petco survey shows that 59 percent of owners will celebrate Halloween with their pets this year, up 9 percent over 2015. About a third of the pet parents shared this will be their first time having their pets join in the festivities.

Many of the human participants, according to the poll, believe dressing up their pet is an ideal way to demonstrate the bond they have with their furry friends. Most are getting Halloween-themed treats and toys, but some will go for the odd gear.

Whatever you dress Fido like, don’t forget basic safety precautions such as not giving them candy, which can cause serious digestive problems and making sure the costume has nothing on which the dog or cat can choke.

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