5 Ways to Make Time for Fitness Despite a Packed Schedule

From your appointment book to your commute—these tips should help you fit in some activity

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “I don’t have time for exercise”—or anything similar, you’ve used the most common excuse in the book and you’re certainly not alone. A busy schedule is something everyone can relate to and sometimes it can feel like you really don’t have any free time at all, but there are a few things you can do to fit in some exercise. From your appointment book to your commute—these five tips should help you fit in some activity, no matter how busy you are.

Write it Down
Record your workouts as appointments in your calendar and stick to them as you would with any important meeting. Should you need to miss a day for some reason, write down why—if it becomes a trend you can look back on what has caused you to miss your morning workouts and then change the pattern.

Hit the Gym in the Morning
As much as you may prefer working out later in the day, if you’re having a tough time fitting it in it may be best to switch to morning workouts. When you get your exercise first thing in the morning there’s no chance for something else to come up later in the day.

Fit It in on Your Lunch Break
Adamantly opposed to a morning sweat session? Head to the gym or get outside on your lunch break. Not only will you get your workout in, but mid-day exercise can help you get back to work refreshed with a clear mind.

Make Your Commute Your Workout
It’s no secret that we’re crazy about bike commuting—there are so many benefits, one of which is fitting in some exercise. Whether you bike or run, if your place is close enough, active commuting is a perfect way to get your daily exercise.

Choose Something You Love
If you’re having trouble making time for exercise, pick something you love. Whether you have a favorite fitness class or just really love running outside, be sure to make that the focus. When you’re looking forward to it, it will be easier to fit in and follow through on.

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