5 Tips for Beating Stress

These simple tips will help you stop stressing immediately

Life brings stress, there’s no denying that. It’s something we all struggle with just about every day. It’s a terrible feeling that can be unhealthy when it gets out of hand, but so many people simply put up with it as a fact of life. Don’t let stress ruin another day; use these five simple tips to get rid of stress in a matter of seconds.

Work Out
That euphoric feeling you get after a tough workout is impossible to replicate and it’s the perfect solution when you’re really stressing out. Even a short workout will help relieve stress. It’s a proven solution, so start sweating to relieve some stress.

Smile and Laugh
While this one might be a bit tough to do on command, especially when you’re feeling stressed, it’s one of the best ways to beat bad feelings. Going through the motions of smiling and laughing can help stir the happy emotions that usually follow. Laughter in particular has been shown to bring several great benefits, including lowering stress hormone levels, easing muscle tension and getting more air in your lungs, which in turn brings a calming effect like to deep breathing.

Get Some Sun
Fresh air and some sunlight is great for you regardless of your stress level, but taking a trip outside to bask in the sunlight could calm you down. Physically warming your body promotes feelings of comfort and that can bust stress almost immediately.

Look On the Bright Side
Everyday life brings many surprises—not all of them pleasant. When a seemingly unfortunate surprise comes up don’t let it stress you out, instead find the bright side. If you come down with the flu, be grateful it’s not something worse. The way you think shapes your world, don’t stress yourself out.

Brush It Off
It’s safe to say that a major source of our stress comes from other people and our interactions with them. Whether it be at work, home or just out in public surrounded by strangers, the things that other people do and say occasionally spike our stress levels. Sometimes you have to react, but when you can just let it go, the stress usually follows. Acknowledging the fact that you can’t control what other people do is usually a big stress reliever. 

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